Hectic Judgment Solutions

A solution can be found for every type of Bad Debt or Judgment

Consumer & Commercial Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement


Have you ever sued someone &/or a Business in Small Claims Or Civil Court? Were you awarded a Monetary Judgment?

Have you collected any of the money that is legally owed to you?

Do you own a business that is not doing so well because your Accounts Receivable has gotten out of hand and you see no alternative other than writing off the debts owed to you?

Allow me to introduce myself & a valuable service that our company can provide to you. We specialize in the Collection of Delinquent Judgments that have been awarded by the courts. Recently we've added additional services that range from Consumer & Commercial Debt Collection to Dishonored Checks, from Pre-Tenant & Pre-Employment Screening to Skip Tracing to Merchant Account/Payment Processing Solutions .

 We're Not a traditional Collection Agency so we are able to utilize collection remedies that are not open to others. Most of our services are based on a No Collection No Fee Basis.  So stop making excuses for why they don't return your calls or answer your letters when you call or write seeking payment of the money owed to you. Call to find out how we can be of assistance to you.  It does not cost you anything, and you are under no obligations to utilize our services.





For Merchant Account/Payment Processing Solution


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